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My Lovely Girl Rain & Krystal ‘s team work @ Running Man e214 [28.09.2014]

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Soojung getting the first taste of acupressure mat.

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The F(x) Family

The umma: Victoria-Who takes care of everyone

But she also keeps her crazy kids in line

The Twin Maknaes- Krystal and Sulli- Cute and Mischievous

The Unnie: Luna- A Literal Ray of Sunshine

The Oppa: Amber- Protective and Playful

Together They Make One Family

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The way Krystal tells Victoria to listen to her ♥

The way Krystal tells Victoria to listen to her 

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Maybe because she’s so strong at will; her passion for the drama is outstanding. She pulls off a role that’s not so easy and she’s determined to do it. There’s sincerity in her when she stands in front of the camera and everyone is bound to fall for her at first sight.
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Sept 18, 14 - Yoon Eun Hye - HighCut Vol. 134

YSL F/W Lips Make Up

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